I’ve always viewed gardens as places to actively enjoy, whether looking at them, gardening within them, or relaxing in their growing environment. As a garden designer, I believe my task is to shape a garden so that it fulfills the aspirations of those who have it, as beautifully as possible. It is to carefully enhance the uniqueness of the space to fit the requirements asked of it. Structure is important. The flow into and around the garden needs to be right, practically, and aesthetically but above all, a garden needs to be a garden. Whilst it may be an extension of the house, it must be a living extension of it, with plants that work in the space, augment its glory and thrill the senses.

As a gardener of tiny and big spaces, as well as a garden designer for over twenty years, the importance of plants and plant selection to suit both client and garden is, for me, paramount. Those with no experience, confidence, or interest in gardening still need to have plants in their garden that thrive – just not too much! Those who love to garden still require a backbone to launch from and surprises to enjoy. A design shouldn’t impose the unmanageable on anyone – enjoyment is the key – but it shouldn’t be without ambition.

- Rebecca Heard -